VolcanoBall is a new start-up founded here locally in Eugene Oregon.

Our mission is to get kids outside having fun while playing face-to-face again.

Up until now we have been getting VolcanoBall into local schools and youth programs to get more feedback on the game, and its been a resounding 2 thumbs up across the board. Our next goal is to start leagues in the local area for youth and adults. 

Our Story

VolcanoBall was really born from a need. A need for a more fun reason to get outside and play face-to-face again. When we were growing up, my brother and I like many other kids growing up at the turn of the century spent hours inside playing video games. It was so easy to do, click- turn on the tv and get playing, all the while the sun was shining outside our window. Our parents would tell us "Go outside its beautiful out there!" and our reply was always "One more battle, one more game!" When my parents were kids their parents would send them outside to play with the other neighborhood kids and they would just have to invent games to play. 

Today though its the norm for kids to sit around playing video games, and playing outside for most kids is an afterthought. My dad wondered why this was happening? He saw that we were certainly having fun playing video games and he noticed how easy it was for us to play them and get good at them. His solution instead of just kick us outside into the wind was to create something MORE FUN than what we were already doing. Coming from a lifetime of hard work doing construction and being the builder and inventor he is, he built a big hoop out of PVC pipe and put a fishing net on it. 

My dad, my brother and I grabbed a dodgeball and started playing around with it. Whenever our friends would come over we would play with it and eventually we started to create rules. We called the goal the Volcano because of how much it looked like one, and we added lava around it, which of course you couldn't go in. After some time a real, fun game started to develop. This wasn't just some toy we would get tired of, this was something our friends liked too! 

That was all back in 2009 and now I'm all grown up and I still love this game! Now we're bringing the fun to everybody by creating this start-up, trying to grow and share the game that we believe is the next big sport. We hope to see you out there playing VolcanoBall soon and having a BLAST! 

Our Values

Here at VolcanoBall we pride ourselves on holding positive and progressive values. we believe that a strong and open minded perspective is key for growth and sustainability as a company and as a community. Here are the values that we hold in high regard:

1. FUN - F.U.N. its what its all about. Coming together and enjoying the thrill of VolcanoBall. If for nothing else, just spreading one more smile and one more moment of excitement to one more person. It's worth it right there.

2. Inclusiveness - No one should be denied any opportunity based upon things they can't control. That's why here at VolcanoBall as long as you respect others ANYBODY can play. 

3. Community - Friends, family, colleagues, all are important in creating a strong community. Strong communities are more resilient and enjoy a higher quality of life. We are creating a strong community here that looks after each other and comes together for the purpose of having a good time.