welcome to volcanoball!

what is it?

  • Volcanoball is the hottest new TEAM SPORT.

  • Ultimate Frisbee + Basketball + Volcanoes + Lava = Volcanoball.

  • It's a non-contact, all ages, co-ed sport.

How do you play?

  • Teams are 5 on 5.

  • You can’t move with the ball, passing only.

  • Drop the ball and it’s a turnover.

  • Don’t touch the lava and shoot into the Volcano!

  • More rules: here

Where is volcanoball?




how can i try it?

  • PE teachers and organizations can contact us to have a FREE exhibition game!

  • Anyone can check out our Event’s page to see where Volcanoball is being played.

  • You can also purchase the Equipment from us and play whenever you want!

Volcanoball - Have a BLAST!